Chalfant Valley Petroglyphs

In Red Rock Canyon the hills were alive with the sound of chipping. (67kb) Lots of boulder climbing is necessary to find the many hidden petroglyphs. (72kb) Be careful while climbing those boulders, you may have company. (89kb) It's easy to see the inspiration for this one. (78kb) Our tour guide sure knew her way around and through those rocks. (76kb)
In contrast to Red Rock, space must have been at a premium at Chadago Canyon. (92kb) Use your imagination, what do you think it says? (99kb) This must be the Sunday edition. (85kb) There are far fewer examples at Fish Slough and they seem more simplistic. (78kb) Here's a nice zebratail lizard. (86kb)
Amidst the chips we found two arrowhead wannabes, and then put them back to grow a bit. (44kb) Some of the obsidian chips have beautiful markings. (25kb) Some chips and a fragment of mussel shell. (48kb)